Comply with your Legislative Obligations for Facilities Management

Are You Complying With Your Legislative Obligations?

Are you complying with the terms of your insurance policy and the requirements or legislation of the Health and Safety Executive?

Ensuring safety and complying with regulations are major concerns for all organisations. Powercor offers solutions to keep your business safe and compliant with all the legal requirements.

Expertise and Experience

Powercor can produce a compliance programme that can be tailored to meet an individual client or organisations requirements and the assets you have within your building or across your portfolio.

Powercor offers services to ensure compliance with a range of regulations from Electrical BS7671 including Emergency Lighting, Portable Appliance Testing and Electrical Installation Condition Reports, Gas Safety Regulations (Installation & Use) 1998, Gas CP12 Certification with all gas appliances, installation pipework and flues being inspected and a safety record provided, Security & Life Safety Maintenance for alarms and extingushers as well as the CCTV maintenance if required.

If you're concerned about your current compliance with legislation, or you would just like to be sure that you do comply, then please call our team today who will be able to assist.

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