High Quality LED Lighting for Office Interiors

The methods of lighting office interiors is rapidly changing. Office environments are becoming more efficient, more sustainable and a more comfortable place to be. We help our clients create superior office spaces that reduce energy usage and CO2 emissions to maximise cost savings, productivity and profit.

Powercor delivers best in class LED lighting installations for office environments

Reducing energy costs and increasing employee productivity goes hand-in-hand with an LED lighting installation.

Powercor has a growing list of clients that are benefitting from enhanced employee productivity and well-being as well as increased energy savings and improved operational efficiency. With Integrated sensors and wireless controls, Powercor can also eliminate the need for any additional wiring to make LED lighting an ideal retrofit solution for existing buildings.

When embarking on an LED lighting project for an office environment, we begin with an expert assessment of the existing installation or lighting plan. We use this to assist our clients to make informed decisions about their LED lighting needs. Our many years of experience in the industry allows us to add significant value, insight and practical advice from the outset.

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LED office lighting designed for maximum energy savings

While clean, quality illumination is a key decision driver when selecting LED lighting, many of our customers will primarily be searching for serious energy and maintenance savings. In these instances, CoreLine by Philips is a perfect choice.

Lasting up to 50,000 hours, its incredibly long lifecycle helps you to work without disruptions and guarantees you spend less on maintaining light sources. CoreLine also uses up to 75% less energy than traditional light sources, significantly reducing your ongoing energy costs and minimising C02 emissions.

Cost Effective LED Installations

Switching to LED with the CoreLine product is extremely easy. CoreLine is designed to enable ‘hole-for-hole’ replacement of existing lighting, usually with no need for re-wiring or new ceiling configurations.

With the CoreLine product you can be making significant cost savings extremely quickly and hassle free. With the addition of lighting controls, Powercor can achieve additional savings of up to 70%.

"Since working with Powercor, we have found them to be very professional with excellent client liaison skills... They have given us an outstanding service"

Tim Williams, Head of Internal Compliance and Security

"The installation went very well and we are benefitting far more than the SAP calculation estimated. To say that we are happy is an understatement."


Next generation lighting for office interiors

PowerBalance is an excellent blend of advanced technology and award-winning design having won two industry design awards. Its innovative approach to office lighting accommodates a high class visual appeal, sustainable performance and excellent returns on investment.

Being the most energy-efficient office-norm-compliant LED luminaire from Philips, it reduces energy costs by more than half compared to a traditional T5 solution, with the added benefit that the light source has a longer lifetime. Since the optical module is sealed for life, no internal cleaning is required either.

Cutting edge lighting

PowerBalance not only provides a highly sustainable, energy efficient lighting solution, it can also be used to create an advanced connected system.

With the use of sensors and transmitters your connected lighting system can constantly monitor lighting requirements, adapting them to the needs of an office space. Relevant lighting levels and colours not only creates the optimum working environment, it also ensures energy savings are maximised and environmental impact is minimised.

Direct LED downlight replacements

Greenspace features the latest LED technology to enable an exceptionally low level of power consumption while still providing optimum light output, offering a cost effective solution to making the switch from CFL to LED lighting.

  • Ideal for making the switch from CFL to LED
  • 70% energy savings
  • Total cost of ownership typically recovered in less than two years
  • Five times longer life than traditional CFL downlights

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