Smart LED lighting for warehouses

A GreenWarehouse smart LED lighting installation by Powercor could save you up to 50% on energy costs whilst also having a positive impact on your workforce.

Smart warehouse lighting solutions from Powercor make business sense

Having the lights on 24/7 in any warehouse facility is costly and unsustainable in today’s highly competitive business environment.

When you get lighting just right, workers feel energised, productivity improves and by choosing a GreenWarehouse on demand lighting solution, the environment benefits too.

Powercor understands the lighting needs of warehouse spaces. Differentiating zones and when light is needed, provides a smart lighting solution that reduces costs and energy consumption while creating optimum lighting conditions for the workforce.

By gaining a deep understanding of how your warehouse space is used, we offer bespoke solutions based on our knowledge of better lighting that will reduce energy costs, lower carbon emissions and provide your workforce with the lighting they need to feel good in their place of work.

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Flexible lighting systems for warehouses

Warehouses are made up of a series of spaces that are all used for different things and which all have their own lighting needs at different times of the day and night. Keeping the lights on around the clock wastes significant amounts of energy and can incur unnecessary high costs.

With a wirelessly controlled lighting system, spaces can be split in to zones, each with their own presence detectors that will trigger high quality light only when movement is detected, ensuring people and vehicles can move around the warehouse safely while unoccupied areas remain in a subdued light to further reduce energy use.

Future-proof your warehouse LED lighting

GreenWarehouse is a future proof lighting system and is the perfect solution for both new builds and retrofit projects; Powercor can simply install new light fixtures or replace existing ones point for point and add wireless controls.

Configuring zones to suit the layout of your warehouse couldn’t be easier and is all achieved via remote control. You will be able set lighting levels for when a space is occupied and the background lighting levels for unoccupied spaces. Should you ever want to change your warehouse layout, you simply re-configure your zones accordingly.

"With the combination of better lighting, reduced energy costs and lower carbon emissions we are very pleased with the end result."


"Powercor's flexibility, and the work ethic of everyone you deal with is second to none."


Get a rapid return on investment

Rising energy bills mean lower profit margins. With super-efficient LED’s, zoned lighting and daylight sensors Powercor can install a warehouse lighting system that, over a short space of time, will pay for itself.

Generating up to 50% energy savings and low maintenance costs, our systems typically pay for themselves in just 3 years while also offering a lighting solution with a longer lifespan than conventional warehouse systems.

Typical payback on investment

Typical payback on investment

Typical payback on investment

*Based on a warehouse area of 10,000 m2 over 10 years (up to €220,000), by comparing the installation and running costs of ourGreenWarehouse system with a traditional fluorescent solution installed without dimming controls.

Expert advice designed to suit your specific needs

Powercor will provide advice and recommendations from a wide range of robust luminaires to suit the individual requirements of your specific warehouse layout.

Once all the luminaires are installed, we connect the complete system wirelessly and ensure an optimal performance setup. We will also be on hand for future changes and adaptations to maintain maximum efficiency of the space if needed.

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