Emergency lighting is a legal requirement

You need to protect the occupants of any property you own or manage should mains power fail.

Emergency Lighting

You have a duty of care towards the occupants of any property you own or manage, including schools and colleges, offices, hotels, hospitals and other commercial buildings.

All occupied buildings must have adequate escape lighting to ensure that occupants can safely exit should mains power fail. The British Standard BS5266 sets out clear guidelines for emergency lighting regulation and how to meet your Emergency Lighting legal obligations.

Our Solutions

Powercor’s state of the art emergency lighting management system is a web based software platform that manages all compliance requirements for you.

The system monitors each luminaire remotely and provides automatic monthly test scheduling and reporting. Following each test, our clients receive a detailed report listing the performance of every luminaire with recommended actions.

Emergency Lighting Compliance Requirements

Your Emergency Lighting system must include:

  • Luminaires located at mandatory exits, escape routes, open areas and other points of emphasis.
  • Luminaires located at essential areas in the building such as toilets, kitchens and fire equipment.
  • Tailored lighting for high risk task areas.
  • Regular testing capacity including monthly short duration tests and yearly full duration tests.

Benefits of a Compliant Emergency Lighting System

  • Continuous compliance and reporting – Compliance reports and testing are scheduled and automated.
  • Saves Time and Money – No need for new cabling or monthly physical checks reduces set up and ongoing costs
  • Guaranteed lifetime lighting – Lithium battery technology gives luminaires an expected service life of 12+ years.
  • Technical Support – Advantage Lifetime Support including complimentary software upgrades and training.

Protect your people with Powercor

As a preferred UK partner of Signify, we are highly trained professionals and install based on safety guidelines and precautions.

Plan and design - We develop a Emergency Lighting system customised to the function of your facility.

Installation - Our trained professionals install state of the art technology, in line with safety guidelines.

Maintenance - We monitor the performance of your Emergency Lighting system.

Powercor - a trusted partner you can rely on

As a Certified Value Added Partner of Signify, you can rest assured that we only supply high-quality, state-of-the-art lighting equipment.

We are fully accredited with the full remit of governing bodies and health and safety associations, including the Electrical Contractors Association and the Institution of Engineering & Technology.