Solarwatt’s mission is to give “power to the people” by supplying all the essential components for energy self-sufficiency.

Solarwatt systems produce energy

Solarwatt’s high quality, high yielding and durable photovoltaic modules are available for any need and offer high performance and reliability, that is a promise.

Using only proven solar cells Solarwatt modules achieve the best price to performance ratio that also look good.

Remaining stable over decades Solarwatt modules combine performance and aesthetics to secure your energy production.

Solarwatt systems manage energy

With solar power only being produced during day light hours, at night, power needs are met by buying expensive power from supply companies.

Solarwatt offer a solution to this problem through their energy manager system which monitors, controls and regulates energy flows ensuring that maximum solar power is consumed, reducing the amount of mains power required which keeps energy costs down. An app provides you will all the information you need to monitor your energy usage while the portal enables you to easily change settings or switch appliances on and off remotely.

Solarwatt systems store energy

With the first fully modular power storage device in the world, Solarwatt’s MyReserve Matrix is virtually unlimited in its capacity and performance.

Whatever your need. The matrix packs can be added to for whatever storage capacity or performance you require. Being able to build a storage system specifically for each individual need, makes this a profitable solution in every installation. The fully modular system is easy to service and maintain with the majority of its parts able to be reused once they have reached the end of their lifespan.

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